Hi everyone.

Just came on to say that I changed the theme of my blog just so that some people (even me) could look through my posts and gif hunts and all that.

But I forgot my past theme, so I just got any random theme I could find.

So yeah. Carry on.

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I’ve decided to stop being an RPH.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve finally come to my decision.

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download here → mf / ss / box

*so here’s, as i promised guys, a psd pack including pink, purple, red and green psds. they’re all variations of the first one so you can try your own colors as you please. works on almost all gifs, pretty little liars or not. includes a texture and a black and white gradient map. enjoy!

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Anonymous: Hi-- I just figured I'd drop in and let you know that there's some Adam Brody gifs chilling in with Sebastian Stan (the gif of a guy scratching his face with his middle finger, that's all Adam.) But otherwise keep up the great work and stuff, hm? 

I realized that too! But I just never had the time to take it down. Fixed it now! 

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University of Spain is a private university that hosts about three hundred students on the island of Majorca, in a small city called Arta in Spain. Though the quiet town located near the beach with rich history and extremely nice locals, the students aren’t that way.

Like what you see so far? Then apply! Want to apply as an OC? You can! 

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Welcome to Bristol, where the kids run wild, the parties run late, and the time is endless. Drama runs around and unsettled areas need to be touched, love interests are sparked, and anything is possible. Everyone’s back! Summer has started and the drama is higher than ever. We need some roles filled and new people created to keep this written story going. We are strictly a writing roleplay.


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*psd 17 - download. Like if you’re downloading.


Theme 026 ; Live Preview - Download - Download2

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Does anyone need my help?

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